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 Millennial Board

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 Millennial Board


The program entails five carefully designed sessions. In these sessions, the management team together with our dynamic, hand-picked millennials engage in deep discussion about the surrounding world. The topics include: – what makes us tick, what makes us who we are, what do we aspire in life? This way we empower our curious minds to question and experiment to embark on a journey of revolutionary growth.


The final step in the Millennial Board program is the Millennial Manifesto. The manifesto crystallizes the main insights of our sessions: What is your company's place in the changing world? Why exist? How can your company engage with the Gen Y in a meaningful way? How do you tap into the energy of young people who have exceptional technology and adaptation skills to offer?


For more information on Millennial Board, and to preview the profiles of the Millennials, go to the Program Tour here.


Also read our inspirational article: ”Grab Growth By The Tail” here to learn more why the program has reached course-changing results for so many companies.

And if you liked the article, remember to share it with your colleagues to spread inspiration within your organization!


Millennial Board is a GLOBAL community of insightful young professionals.

We build more sustainable societies by helping companies to reinvent themselves and to ignite new growth.


better questions

We help companies' executives challenge the unchallengeable and to create new growth. The tool for doing this is a reverse mentoring program with hand picked top talents from the millennial generation.


Eight Millennials + your executives = new growth


Millennial Board –yhteisö koostuu yli kahdestasadasta 20-30 –vuotiaasta näkijästä ja tekijästä, joilla on vahva innovaattorin DNA. He rakentavat jo sitä maailmaa, jossa tämän päivän yritysten uusiutumiskyky punnitaan.

Haemme jatkuvasti uusia jäseniä yhteisöömme.

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